Week 8; My Fitness Journey

First let me say, thank you to all who have reached out and followed my blog, from my last post (Week 1; My fitness Journey). That was an extremely hard post for me. Yet, here I am again with another update and full embarrasing photos.

A little discouraged because of recent events. I have been trying my hardest to stay on track with my “diet” and exercise, but life had other plans for me…

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Be Original. Be Authentic.

“Authenticity. The quality of being authentic.”


I stumbled among a friend’s blog titled, “Authenticity…” It almost felt directly towards me. I felt this burning sensation to go off on her. Ranting to my poor husband, I realized how ridiculous I sounded. She addressed about other bloggers copying her style, and how similar another person’s blog was to hers. I decided to revisit her blog, after venting of course. I reread what she had to say. It made me really evaluate what I want to achieve with my own blog. Why I even began to start one, in the first place…

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Week 1; My Fitness Journey.

“I’ve been dreading this post.”

I knew it was going to come. Is it forced? No. Is it my own will? Y E S, but I can still feel nervous, scared, and embarrassed. Just because I’m open to the public about it, doesn’t mean I can’t have these fears. The fear of being laughed at. Judge at. Or to not be taken seriously. This is my real struggle that hundreds of people are going through.

M Y  F I T N E S S  J O U R N E Y 

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Get To Know Me Tag Game

Normally I hate these things but a fellow {friend} blogger tagged me on Instagram and I figured… why not?! Thanks to Living Los Angeles it is time to have some fun with this! Also, I would love to get to know other bloggers as well.

Share a picture: I decided to go with a recent photo of the husband and I. He actually planned our 9 year wedding anniversary, without any input by me. It was the most fun I have had in awhile. Adult go-karting. He won the races but I did give him a run for his money.


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