Be Original. Be Authentic.

“Authenticity. The quality of being authentic.”


I stumbled among a friend’s blog titled, “Authenticity…” It almost felt directly towards me. I felt this burning sensation to go off on her. Ranting to my poor husband, I realized how ridiculous I sounded. She addressed about other bloggers copying her style, and how similar another person’s blog was to hers. I decided to revisit her blog, after venting of course. I reread what she had to say. It made me really evaluate what I want to achieve with my own blog. Why I even began to start one, in the first place…

A U T U M N   V S .   B L O G   W O R L D


This isn’t my first go around with blogging. When my husband was deployed 6 or so years ago, I was lonely and started a military wife blog. I ended it because I honestly got bored. I love to write! Always have. Regardless of all my grammar mistakes, I still enjoy expressing myself through writing. After blogging for a year, I realized I wanted to expand and change up my style. Something a little more fitting.


“Authentic. The act of being true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character.”

I ran into a little bump in the road with a new friend. She also recently started a blog like me, but soon it turned for the worse. Every time I would post, or change the look of my blog {because in the beginning you’re still trying to figure out which way you want to go}. I started to get the cold shoulder from her and then I came across her posting about authenticity as well! Must be something in the air lately. See I already had this written up earlier last week from seeing what another blogger friend posted {as I mentioned earlier}. Instead of coming to me and talking about it first, she posted it on her social media. After I confronted her, she went on about how I should have given her the “heads up” or “warning” that my post was very similar to hers.

Okay, so we both have a lifestyle blog about fitness and health. It is going to happen when you see similar, if not SAME post, but it is so different in so many ways. That would be like me complaining to the thousands of other women posting a photo of their bodys of their fitness journey on the same day as me… claiming “they are copying me.” The crazy part about all of this, is that she let it ruin our friendship. Over a BLOG.

P E T T Y .

It’s as simple as that. Petty. Disappointed. There are hundreds, if not thousands of blogs in the world! It is bound to come across similar, if not, almost exact same blog as yours. It doesn’t matter! Regardless if the blog ‘looks’ the same as yours, same font, title… Whatever! Who cares? What sets you apart from the others, is SO simple!


You are what makes it authentic. Stop comparing yourself to others. You can have identical twins, dress them the same with the same hairstyle. It doesn’t matter. Their personalities are different. If you are wanting to start a blog or already have one, my best advice to you is to just DO YOU. In life. In general. Be the best possible you. The most important thing though, is to be true to yourself. That’s all that matters. Live with good intentions and you will succeed in anything!

“Inspiration. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”


Be inspired by your surroundings including who you spend your time with. Focus on reading what the person has to say, not by looks of things. Get inspired! There is no competition in this blog world. The competition that you believe exist, is all in your head. I could live in an apartment and my best friend could be in a mansion and I could still live an elaborate life. Or maybe a friend is succeeding in school, work, fitness, etc..  It’s okay! Take a step back and focus solely on yourself and your aspirations.

S L O W   D O W N .

Everyone accomplishes different goals at different periods of time in their lives. Which is normal. This isn’t a race, or who is better than who. How boring would it be if everyone was the exact same, in every possible way? That’s what makes your story so unique. Live your tale. Be the best possible you. Share your experience and what life has taught you.

Start your day with a smile and take on the world!

Be your own inspiration.

Be authentic.

Be Y O U !

-Autumn L. Wood

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