Wow! I’m so flattered and amazed to have you followers. Welcome, first and foremost. It is crazy to think I started a “mom blog” in 2013, that became a big hit. Unfortunately, I lost interest. I realized as much as being a mom is important to me, I had so much more I wanted to talk about. So here I am with lots of thoughts later and realized a Lifestyle Blog is more fitting. If you are a recent follower, welcome back! And those who are knew to my style of things, you’re in for a treat…

As most know, I’m very raw and sarcastic. Profanity will most likely be used often. You’ve been warned. What will make my blog so different than others? Absolutely nothing, except it is the reality of my life. My interest. My family. My adventures. Focuses are mainly based here, in sunny Southern California (hence where the name comes from.)  Don’t worry though, occasional we leave this beautiful homeland and you will all hear about it.


Just to give you a little background of my family, since they are brought up often. My husband and I have been together for quite some time now. Married at 19 years old, back on January 18, 2008. He is a grunt US Marine Veteran who left that world to become an accountant. He is a very handsome guy with brains, ladies! Yes, I know I’m lucky! Now back off. After the Marines we decided to grow our family.


On May 19, 2013 the most beautiful little girl was born. Miss “Diva” Olivia Paige. This girl has such sass but definitely a tom boy. Don’t let the tough, strong side of her fool you. If her clothes don’t match and hair isn’t perfect, it is a total melt down! Olivia has a good balance of the both of us. A thrill seeker in the making.


Fast forward to February 3, 2016 another beautiful girl entered this world. Little Miss Aria Lynn. She can put a smile on anyone’s face. Although Aria is probably the most happiest baby I have met, she is also the most sensitive of all! This squishy little girl will become an actress. I’m putting money down. Or a dancer… The second she hears any music she rocks out!


We are blessed. Very blessed! I hope they keep this bond their whole lives. Now to finish about me. I’m a pretty out-going, but down-to-earth person. I love finding new places to explore and I’m a huge foodie (I mean who doesn’t like food? INSANE people, that’s who!) Every morning, bright and early, I start my day with a cup of coffee and end with a nice cold one. Growing up I always wanted to leave California. Now seeing how much SO Cal has to offer, I don’t see myself ever leaving. Beaches, Mountains, Lakes, and… Wait for it… DISNEYLAND! I think all the great things this place to offer, makes L.A. traffic bearable. I love how my husband is laughing as I read that to him. Okay, traffic is pretty bad but can’t beat the weather!

-Autumn L. Wood